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ABB launches versatile ABB AbilityTM Wellhead Manager

Automation company ABB’s has launched its versatile new cloud-based visualisation system, ABB Ability™ Wellhead Manager, which supports smarter teamwork, enhanced efficiencies and lower costs for oil and gas operators of all sizes

The new system, based on SCADA, allows both large operators and small start-ups to gather information about their onshore upstream assets. ABB AbilityTM Wellhead Manager is cloud-based, so operators can gain insight into their production assets worldwide. Remote workers can connect in real time, supporting enhanced teamwork and productivity for optimal results.

By providing immediate access to data, alarms and notifications, ABB AbilityTM Wellhead Manager reduces downtime and risk. In this way, operators can proactively prevent issues, predict productivity and easily scale up or down as necessary.

The system also supports better decision-making, with field production data digitally collected and visualised using a progressive web application. It includes clear dashboards, insights and analysis.

Intelligent data is essential to improve efficiency and increase production, yet technological solutions can be perceived as relatively costly by smaller oil and gas start-ups. ABB AbilityTM Wellhead Manager is a subscription service, so operators only pay for the service they use without having to use the capital to purchase.

Darren Schultz, director of ABB SCADA oil and gas, said, “Advanced technology is usually only available to the bigger producers, but by using IoT and related technologies, more operators can now extract the data obtainable from their wellheads via ABB Ability™ Wellhead Manager.”

“Operators, whether larger producers or start-ups, can focus their attention on the most inefficient sites, viewing and analysing historical performance and making business decisions that will improve production, cut costs and maximise efficiencies,” he added.

By connecting production assets to field staff and production specialists, ABB AbilityTM Wellhead Manager enables remote teams to work together more effectively, maximise production, reduce risk and simplify operations over the long term.