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Wanner Engineering has announced it has won a court judgement in China for an infringement against one of its patents for its Hydra-Cell seal-less diaphragm pumps

Hydra cell pumpsThe Hydra-Cell pumps offer customers high efficiency and reliability in handling difficult process liquids. (Image source: Wanner Engineering)

The engineering company is investing tens of millions of dollars in new technology to continue delivering innovation for its customers to help improve their processes. With 159 patents worldwide and 11 in China, it has an active programme in place to protect these.

This programme has helped give the Hydra-Cell pumps a range of benefits to customers, such as high efficiency by lowering energy consumption, and the ability to reliably and safely handle difficult process liquids with more than 20 years of service life.

Wanner took Shaghai Nikuni to court for infringement of one of its Chinese patents covering innovative features in the pumps. The patent was upheld and found to be valid by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), even after the appeal. The patent was also found to have been infringed by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Count and damages have been awarded to Wanner.

CEO of Wanner, Bill Wanner, said, “Our customers are, and always have been, front of mind in all our activities. It is of huge importance that every customer who buys a Wanner pump, receives a genuine Hydra-Cell, not a copy.

“We also want to continue delivering the most technological advanced pumps in the world, and the only way to do that is by investing heavily in R&D. The only way we can keep doing that is by ensuring that we protect this investment from illegal counterfeiting.”

Joseph Loo, Wanner Pumps Ltd, added, “Energy efficiency, reliability and a long service life is extremely important to the industry in China, and our pumps are helping innovative companies become more sustainable. With strong protection from the Chinese courts, we will continue to protect our IP and ensure that our customers gain the range of benefits from our pumps to help improve their processes.”