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Shell releases its Sustainability Report 2010


Shells Sustainability Report for 2010 looks at how the oil giant is helping to meet rising energy demand in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

The report covers Shell's environmental and social performance for the year and outlines Shell's contribution towards building a sustainable energy future. Shell is producing more cleaner-burning natural gas, investing in the production of low- carbon dioxide (CO2) biofuels, helping to develop carbon capture and storage technologies, and working to improve its own energy efficiency.

The compnay is also offering its customers more advanced fuels and lubricants that help save energy. "At Shell we believe that there is no time to waste," said Shell Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser in his introduction to the report. "We are working on what we can do today to contribute to a sustainable energy future."

Securing cleaner, diverse energy

According to Voser, with the world now out of recession, energy demand is again increasing. All energy sources will be needed to meet this demand, but in the decades ahead the bulk of the world's energy is expected to continue to come from fossil fuels.

Producing oil and gas from deep waters will remain crucial, according to Voser. These resources form a vital part of the secure and diverse supplies of energy the world will need, as are energy resources from other technically challenging environments.

Shell's responsible approach and continued investment in technology and innovation will help deliver this energy.

In 2010, a number of Shell's major projects came on-stream or continued to perform well while others approached completion for start-up in 2011. Shell continued to raise its production of natural gas, by far the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, that will account for over half of their energy output in 2012.

"We believe natural gas will play an essential role in managing the CO2 emissions caused by the world's rising energy demand," Voser noted.

The 2010 Shell Sustainability Report also focuses on the rigorous safety standards and practices the company has developed over the years that allow it to operate responsibly in challenging environments.