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National Energy Services Reunited Corp (NESR), an international, industry-leading provider of integrated energy services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has announced that the company has been awarded a long-term contract for Directional Drilling Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Directional drillingThe award demonstrates NESR's ability to deliver vertical/directional wellbores in record times (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

The contract covers Directional Drilling (DD), Measurement while Drilling (MWD), Performance Drilling, Well Engineering and Logging while Drilling (LWD) services for up to four years starting with immediate effect.

The award reflects the culmination of several years of research and development investment in several field trials to demonstrate NESR’s ability to drill and deliver vertical and directional wellbores in record times with cutting-edge technology.

NESR CEO and chairman, Sherif Foda, said, “These awards represent a major milestone in our growth strategy to establish NESR as one of the major players in the Directional Drilling market and paves the way to introduce our next gen technologies which enable our customers to get access to best in class technologies being adopted globally.”

NESR’s successful partnership with Phoenix Technology Services (PHX) has led to several DD records across multiple fields which have saved significant drilling time for customers. This award also provides NESR the platform for the introduction of next generation technologies in the drilling and measurement spheres which the company anticipates introducing over the course of this contract.

“We are very proud of our partnership with John Hooks and PHX for their highly differentiated Velocity MWD system and Atlas motors which, along with our Well Engineering capabilities, have led us to showcase to our customers what can be achieved in terms of drilling efficiencies that have exceeded or met field standards in a large majority of runs,” Foda commented.