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Leighton Offshore wins US$733 million Iraqi project


Leighton Offshore was awarded an EPC contract with Iraqs South Oil Company to install three single point moorings (SPMs) and 120 kilometres of 48-inch pipelines in the Arabian Gulf, offshore Iraq.

The project will provide enhanced export facilities from the Fao Terminal near Al Basrah, and forms a major part of South Oil Company's strategic redevelopment program for Iraq. It is also an important part of Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project which aims to develop offshore loading facilities to enable export capability of 4.5 mn bpd.

The project will see the installation of a 600MT subsea valve manifold for directing flow between the existing and future offshore export facilities. Leighton Offshore will use its vessels, Eclipse, Stealth and Mynx on the project which are ideally suited for working on SPM projects.

This is the first major offshore project for Leighton in the Middle East and David Savage, Leighton Holdings CEO, said that: "with the opportunities in the Gulf and the MENA region, we are very confident it will be the start of a strong business line that will provide a steady revenue volume for both Leighton Offshore and Al Habtoor Leighton."

Leighton Holdings has been able to use the support and resource services for offshore projects in the MENA region of Al Habtoor Leighton which helped secure the contract.