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Cordless stud fusion: a game changer for fastening on steel


In the shipbuilding and oil & gas business segments, high quality welding, bolting and clamping is sometimes considered an art in itself

Plus, skilled labour is always in high demand and affects the overall cost and delivery of any project. Hilti recognizes this as an opportunity for disruption, developing products that can revolutionise fastening on steel. After years of research and development, Hilti is now ready to unveil Cordless Stud Fusion, a system that is nothing less than a game changer for the industry.

To begin with, Cordless Stud Fusion can cover higher loads (up to 11.2 kN) and thinner base materials (2 mm) than previous Hilti products and is up to 95% faster compared to traditional methods like welding. This fastening method is also safer as it is closer to cold work with almost no splatters or fumes.

A wide range of end-user benefits

For customers running their own businesses or managing operations for a company, Cordless Stud Fusion brings a host of benefits. Compared to welding and other methods like bolting and clamping, Cordless Stud Fusion allows for more speed and flexibility in engineering, procurement and construction. Engineers know they will get reliable loads – through repeatable and consistent fastenings – and therefore peace of mind that you “get what you spec”, as well as flexibility for design changes. Procurement can choose from a wide portfolio of studs with international codes and corrosion resistance (up to C5). Construction is not only faster than traditional methods, but it can also be done by almost anyone, with minimal training, reducing the risk of installation error.

All of this gives customers more flexibility and more capacity to finish the work earlier. It is also a cleaner system with no welding slag, burn marks, ceramic ring waste or post-painting. With the easy-to-follow H-code setting, you get high-quality, consistent, and repeatable fastenings. Plus, with the Active Fusion Indicator (AFI) the installer also gets systematic real-time feedback to help you to improve the quality of fastening. It is a fully mobile and autonomous system and therefore no mains power or trailing cables are needed. With virtually no sparks, fumes or radiation, and no angle grinder needed for the surface preparation, it also offers significant advantages from a health and safety perspective.

Bogdan Radu Mamina, head of Energy & Industry Region META at Hilti said, “Cordless Stud Fusion is a complete shift in the way the industry can now approach fastening on steel. Bolting and clamping can be unreliable, and welding is a skill in short supply on most large shipbuilding or oil & gas operations. Business owners as well as operations managers can now rely on Cordless Stud Fusion to save time, effort, and cost while increasing quality. A simple and standardised fastener design that can be used for a wide range of applications and virtually no emissions, compared to traditional welding. I believe as time goes by more and more users will see the benefit of this new kind of fastening on steel and it will disrupt the industry in a big way.”

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