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Rockwell Automation launches Safety Maturity Index tool

Health & Safety

Rockwell Automation has launched the Safety Maturity Index (SMI) tool that allows manufacturers to assess the effectiveness of safety programmes in plants and aid with performance optimisation

According to Rockwell Automation, the SMI tool can be used in any plant across any industry and can aid manufacturers with inputs on safety culture, compliance and capital. Once an assessment is done, the tool provides manufacturers with recommendations for a more conducive and safe working environment.

The tool comprises four categories – SMI 1 (minimising investment), SMI 2 (attaining compliance), SMI 3 (cost avoidance) and SMI 4 (operational excellence). Manufacturers need to answer the questions, complete the SMI assessment and determine how they measure in each of the four categories.

Rockwell Automation’s safety market development manager Mark Eitzman stated that the benefits of optimising safety through the SMI assessment can result in fewer injuries and fines, as well as improved plant productivity, greater efficiencies and enhanced employee morale.

“Achieving best-in-class safety performance begins with assessing current practices company-wide, and now customers can do this on their own.”