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Katch Kan commences its Middle East operations from Bahrain

Health & Safety

Canadian oil and gas safety solutions provider Katch Kan has announced the opening of its office in Bahrain in a bid to strengthen the company’s presence in the Middle East region

Quinn Holtby, CEO of Katch Kan, said, “Being one of the wealthiest parts of the world with energy-related natural resources, the Middle East has always played a pivotal role in the global oil and gas industry. Over the past years, we have been expanding our business operations in the region and have successfully retained a prestigious portfolio of customers, which has encouraged us to bring our support services closer to them and our distributors.”

Kan explained that Bahrain’s strategic location and geopolitical importance made it the right home for Katch Kan.

Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Bahrain’s minister of energy, added, “I am looking forward to Katch Kan’s cooperation with the country’s oil and gas sectors. Due to years of economic, social and political reforms by the leadership of the country, Bahrain is becoming the regional hub for foreign investment.”

Thomas MacDonald, Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen, noted that Katch Kan will bring advanced Canadian technology and know-how to the oil and gas industry in the Gulf.

“Katch Kan will bring to the Middle East region an extensive array of cutting-edge products and services that are geared to improving safety and environmental responsibility while minimising risk and maximising performance,” MacDonald said.

Katch Kan offers a wide range of products to companies in the oil and gas industry to prevent work-related injuries and improve operations and productivity.