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Honeywell upgrades Qatar petrochemicals company

Health & Safety

Honeywell Process Solutions has agreed a contract to supply a new integrated control and safety system for Qatar Fuel Additives Company’s (QAFAC) Mesaieed Industrial City plant, it announced today

Due for completion this year, the upgrade on the industrial city, based 50km south of Doha, intends to reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies as production of methanol and MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) is increased.

Honeywell Process Solutions Middle East sales director Mansour Al Belhadj said, “Honeywell’s technology offers a truly integrated control and safety system that will improve operational effectiveness, as well as provide cost-saving features and applications for improved process performance.”

Including its new fire and gas system, Honeywell’s integrated control and safety solution will improve automation at the plant, increase cyber security, and enhance overall operator effectiveness.  

As a result of a joint venture (JV) between state-backed Industries Qatar, OPIC Middle East, LCY, and IOL, QAFAC aims to become one of the top five international producers of methanol and butane derivatives by 2020.

QAFAC general manager Nasser Al Kuwari said, “This project will help us meet growing demand for methanol, MTBE and clean fuels efficiently, while achieving the highest levels of safety and environmental performance at our site.”

Furthermore the Qatari JV plans to commission a carbon dioxide recovery project worth US$80mn this year in order to capture approximately 450 mt of CO2 per day to re-injection into the production cycle.

According to Honeywell, MTBE not only reduces engine knocking by enhancing octane levels when added to gasoline, but also helps the gasoline burn more completely, meaning a reduction in tailpipe emissions and meet Euro 5 standards.