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Honeywell in gas detection controller launch

Health & Safety

Honeywell has released a new wall-mounted gas detection controller, the Touchpoint Plus

With support for up to eight channels of gas detection, the Touchpoint Plus also includes an improved user-friendly touchscreen interface, which the company said reduces set-up and operation time, and minimises the need for training.

Honeywell also said the controller’s modular, plug-and-play board allows for quick and easy maintenance, and accepts input from any detector with a milliamp (mA) or millivolt (mV) signal.

“With everything at your fingertips, Touchpoint Plus allows you to take ownership of your system and operate it with confidence,” said Steve Forrest, global marketing director, Fixed Gas Detection, Honeywell Analytics.

“The simplicity and intuitive user interface gives you confidence that the safety of your people and the productivity of your site is maximised.”

Housed within a high impact polymer plastic, Honeywell described the Touchpoint Plus as a “versatile and durable solution to controlling gas detectors across multiple sectors that is designed to stand up to the challenges of industrial environments, from chemical plants to manufacturing”.