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ERGIL launches new safety valve for flammable gas

Health & Safety

ERGIL StorageTech recently announced the launch of its new Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve with Flame Arrester

Designed for the safe storage and transportation of flammable gas, the product minimises the risk of accidents by ensuring protection against damage through over-pressurisation, implosion due to vacuum conditions and preventing external flames from entering the tank.

The Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve also comes with a body surface that is self-draining and a drip design, which the manufacturer says prevents condensate from settling on seating surfaces.

Riza Altunergil, ERGIL’s vice president of commerce, said, “Careful consideration has gone into the manufacturing of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve with Flame Arrestor.

“This new introduction is not only to add value to our business, but to provide our customers with a reliable product from an established brand in the market.”

The company said that the pressure full lift technology in the design minimises vapour loss, reducing wastage and environmental damage, as well as potential safety risks.