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Sweden-based PPE company Ejendals is bringing its offering to the Middle East, with the opening of a new office in Dubai

EjendalsEjendals specialises in high quality safety gloves and footwear

With the vision “zero injuries to hands and feet”, Sweden-based PPE company Ejendals has successfully served the Nordic and European markets with high quality safety gloves and footwear for more than 70 years.

Now Ejendals is bringing its offering to the Middle East, opening its first office in the region in August 2019 in Dubai. This enables the company to better serve local companies and existing customers in the region.

And as always with Ejendals, it’s about offering the best possible protection and functionality, no matter what the job entails.

Ejendals is a third-generation family-owned business focusing on strong innovation and high quality products. This has led to a market leader position in the Nordics and a strong presence all over Europe, with Tegera safety gloves and Jalas safety footwear.

Ejendals offers protection and functionality for every type of work situation in any type of industry, whether it is ice cold or desert hot – or anything in between.

“We know from experience that safety standards and demands are high in Dubai. And our Nordic view on safety and functionality will fit perfectly into that way of thinking,” says Barry van den Hoven, chief commercial officer at Ejendals.

Looking at non-fatal injuries at workplaces, it is a well-known fact that most of these are injuries to either hands or feet. Whether it is cuts, bruises, strains or sprains, it often leads to absence from work. Absence that in many cases easily could be avoided through the right protective gear.

“This is both a question of unnecessary suffering for those who are injured and pure economics. These situations are often easily avoided with the right knowledge and equipment.

“An increasing amount of companies are coming to this realisation, especially in the Middle East region,” concludes van den Hoven.

The Ejendals Dubai office is off to a running start. The first larger clients are already signed up and a six-figure turnover is the goal for the coming years.