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Economic crisis and restrictions on travel make offshore logistics more challenging than ever

FROG XT10 Seacor 2FROG-XT10 personnel transfer carrier on board Seacor Marine’s vessel offshore Angola. (Image source: Reflex Marine)

Getting workers to platforms in a safe and efficient manner is proving increasingly more difficult. It is an activity heavily dependent on weather and sea states, and any delays can create logistical nightmares and increase costs significantly. With lowered number of personnel able to travel by helicopter and the difficulties in maintaining proper hygiene during air transfers, operators look to cheaper and more flexible marine transfer options.

Marine crew transfer methods allow for transport of large volumes of crew on a single vessel. Given the new shift patterns for many offshore workers, one trip back and forth may suffice for the complete crew rotation, which is often the most cost-effective option. For safest high-volume transfers and medical evacuation capacity, choose FROG-XT10 personnel transfer carrier.

Reflex Marine’s high-capacity personnel transfer carrier FROG-XT10 offers improved passenger protection during both routine and emergency transfers thanks to its highly engineered and thoroughly tested features. Offering a cutting edge solution for high-volume transfers, the FROG-XT10 is designed for ultimate safety.

FROG-XT10 meets the industry demand for increased capacity with the best cost-per-passenger ratio. This 10-passenger carrier is used by operators, including Seacor Marine wherever there is a need for safe and reliable crew transfer solutions. Easily converted to MedEvac mode, it can also transport two casualties in stretchers with two accompanying passengers.

FROG-XT10 has a high operational envelope and is operational in up to 3.3 m significant wave height (recommended operational limit) and 40 knots of wind, making it suitable and safe for use even during harsh winter weather. The FROG-XT10’s high operational envelope increases your safe operating window and reduces risks of delay or downtime.

Reflex Marine’s best-in-class FROG-XT personnel transfer carriers are offered for outright purchase as well as short, medium and long-term hire; available with or without servicing and spare parts. A FROG-XT10 carrier is currently available for hire from Egypt, while a FROG-XT6 (6-passenger unit) is available out of a base in Abu Dhabi. Local support is available across the Gulf for servicing and maintenance while crew training courses can be delivered online at a time convenient to you.