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Brady offers absorbent spill control products

Health & Safety

Brady has launched highly absorbent new spill control products for the oil and gas industry

When coolants, oil or chemicals spill on the work floor, they can easily cause a number of slips and falls, injuring employees and increasing overall cost. Having the right spill sorbents on-hand to efficiently remove spills can make all the difference, Brady said.

The spill control products will help integrate sorbents into everyday working environment to reduce slips and falls, the company added.

Brady’s new high visibility safety mat combines a safety sign and an absorbent all in one. It is highly visible, in yellow colour with safety pictograms and offers extreme absorbency for both all purpose and hazardous chemical applications.

Dominique Roosen, EMEA safety product manager at Brady, said, “Our new high visibility safety mats acts both as a hazard alert sign and an absorbent. By incorporating warnings and messages right at the point of a leak, drip or spill, workers can easily identify the risk and use caution.

“This approach helps significantly reduce the threat of slips and falls in the workplace, leading to improved employee safety. The mat can be deployed near leak prone machinery to prevent fluids from spreading on the work floor.”

The mat uses a three-ply SMM construction (spun bound cover stock with two layers of melt blown polypropylene) with a low linting material that will not react to aggressive fluids. To improve safety and easy separation of hazardous waste, the mats are colour-coded for hazardous chemicals or all-purpose fluids.

Brady’s spill response plus is a smaller size pad which offers high absorbency, durability, low lint properties and reliability to remove smaller spills. It is offered on a roll.

“Spill response plus comes in universal, chemical and oil only variations and is ideal for use in industrial environments, retail and long-term care sectors. It can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in fluid at an incredible speed. It is cleaner than granular products, more efficient than paper towels and reduces risk for slips and falls where mopping up a spill does not,” the US-based company said.

Sorbent dispensers is another new product in the offering by Brady.

“Wall mounted, stand alone, mobile or fixed dispensers are available in several sizes to dispense a large variety of polypropylene spill control products. We also offer spill safety stations, which are easy to locate and identify from all angles and help you store not only pads but also safety gloves, disposal bags and practical steps or tips to combat spills,” it added.