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Amarinth noise enclosure pumps for Maersk’s rig offshore Qatar

Health & Safety

UK-based manufacturer of centrifugal pumps Amarinth has provided API 610 OH2 pumps with compact acoustic enclosure to meet health and safety regulations at Maersk rig located offshore Qatar

According to Amarinth, API 610 OH2 pumps are designed for ease of maintenance and complete access to the pump and motor. The acoustic enclosure can be quickly removed without the need to disrupt any pipework, added the company.

Amarinth managing director Oliver Brigginshaw said, “For good reasons, health and safety regulations are becoming ever tighter and reducing noise levels for continuously operating equipment on offshore rigs helps protects workers from exposure to long-term damaging noise levels.

“Maersk is delighted with our acoustic enclosure that both reduces noise to the required level and ensures that regular maintenance can be carried out without any disruption to schedules or additional downtime. I am sure we will see more requirements for innovative designs like this in order to meet tighter regulations in the future and we look forward to working with the oil and gas industry to deliver against these.”

A maintenance hatch was also provided in the enclosure for regular access to the oiler, added Brigginshaw.