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Aramco to launch Khorsaniya gas facility ahead of schedule


Saudi Aramco has announced it will begin operations at its gas facilities in Khorsaniya from where it plans to deliver a total capacity of 1.8 billion cubic feet of gas a day

The launch of operations from the facility several weeks ahead of schedule will bring the second phase of Aramco’s Karan gas field project to an end and will help the company meet rising local demands.

The Karan gas field, which was discovered in 2006, is the first non-associated gas field located in Saudi territorial waters of the Gulf and is situated 160km north of Aramco’s headquarters in Dhahran.

“With the full operation of this facility, the second phase of Karan gas field development programme will be complete," said Aramco in a statement.

“The new gas supply will be a qualitative addition to the Kingdom’s main gas network.”

Aramco launched the first phase of the Karan gas project in the Arabian Gulf in mid-2011 and has already brought three production platforms in the field into operation, with the remaining two platforms set to be operational by the third quarter of 2012 and the second quarter of the 2013, respectfully.

Gas from the field will be pumped to gas treatment plants at the Khorsaniya facility, which also includes a unit for removing carbon, through underground pipes.