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For more than 20 years, DUG has delivered innovative solutions to the global energy sector

As specialists in applied geoscience technology, DUG’s seismic services, interpretation and processing software, and high performance computing (HPC) cloud reduce project turnaround time and risk for subsurface characterisation. A timely and clear image of the subsurface enables betterinformed decision-making, translating to smarter operational outcomes, such as optimising well placement, improving reservoir management, and reducing exploration risk.

DUG helps companies process and interpret their large seismic datasets, analysing and presenting the results in novel ways that are easier to digest and leverage. Delivering broadband data of the highest quality, DUG’s tailored geoscience services include all facets of seismic data processing, imaging and inversion for land, marine and oceanbottom surveys, executed by experienced, analytical teams using its flagship software “DUG Insight”, integrated HPC environment, and exclusive technologies.

Deblending, a common requirement for processing modern surveys, increases acquisition efficiency and sampling. DUG’s inversion-based solution gradually reconstructs shots as if they had been acquired separately. Able to handle any blended acquisition geometry, DUG has deblended hundreds of datasets with the number of interfering sources ranging from two to more than 40. DUG’s inversion-based deblending solution has made highly efficient multi-source ocean bottom node (OBN) and high-density onshore vibroseis surveys a tried and tested reality. With exclusive processing technologies such as down/down deconvolution and inversionbased Vz-denoise, DUG’s comprehensive toolkit delivers exceptional results, fast.

Latest breakthrough DUG’s latest breakthrough – its Multi-parameter Full Waveform Inversion (MP-FWI) Imaging technology – replaces the conventional seismic-data processing workflow, producing superior results in much-reduced timeframes. DUG’s MP-FWI Imaging eliminates the need for traditional assumptions and provides trueamplitude reflectivity images for both structural and quantitative interpretation, without the need for many time-consuming, serial steps. It enables full-wavefield model building and least-squares imaging using field-data input, simultaneously handling deghosting, demultiple and designature, as well as regularisation, attenuation and anisotropy. The angle-dependent outputs allow not only conventional interpretation but also AVA analysis.

DUG managing director Matthew Lamont said, “We are proud to be a global leader in seismic processing and imaging. Our MP-FWI Imaging technology has now been utilised in more than 30 projects worldwide with consistently great results. We have just opened a new office in Abu Dhabi to strengthen our presence and further assist our clients in this region.”