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Gas boost for Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Exploration & Production

Dana Gas PJSC and its partner and joint operator Crescent Petroleum have given a technical update on the progress of their joint operations two years since they started production from their major gas project in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.


The project has now reached an overall production and processing capacity of 200 mcf per day, and supplies the fuel needs of the domestic power stations in the region. The project partners, who were joined last year by OMV of Austria and MOL of Hungary in the Pearl consortium, have so far invested more than $850 million under contracts signed with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in April 2007.

It remains the largest energy investment by any company in Kurdistan and the whole of Iraq.

Current gas production ranges from 160 m to 180 mcf per day to meet the prevailing demand of the two gas-fired power stations at Erbil and Chemchemal. It has a combined capacity output of 1,250 MW, providing almost continuous electricity to the communities of the Kurdistan Region.

The company says that in total, more than 72 bcf of gas and 3.3 million barrels of liquids have been produced since the start of production in October 2008, providing billions of dollars of savings in fuel costs for electricity for the Kurdistan Regional Government and the people of Iraq.

Production capacity is currently expected to rise to 300 mcf per day by 2012, as well as 14,000 bpd of condensate and 1,000 tonnes per day of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), from new LPG plant currently under commissioning in preparation for start-up later this month.