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Dow key participant in Kuwait Six Sigma Conference

Event News

Over 160 attendees took part in A Breakthrough Strategy for Performance Excellence Six Sigma conference, from top local and multinational companies.

p>Over 160 attendees took part in A Breakthrough Strategy for Performance Excellence Six Sigma conference, from top local and multinational companies.

Six Sigma leaders from Dow were present to share their experiences of how Six Sigma can be an enabler of business success, supporting better decision making and contributing to the development of new products and technologies.

Kevin McCarron, Six Sigma Service Leader and Rene den Breeker, Competency Director for Six Sigma Services in Diamond Value Chain Consulting (DVCC) for The Dow Chemical Company, were hosted by the Dow Kuwait office and engaged attendees on the importance of implementing the Six Sigma strategy for improving operational and business performance. McCarron also presented a key note speech, titled "Driving Business Success: Lessons Learned from Dow's Six Sigma Journey" which highlighted the company's over twelve years of Six Sigma success.

"The conference was a great forum for Dow to share its Six Sigma journey, and it was a great learning opportunity for companies considering starting their own journeys. The overwhelming theme of leveraging Six Sigma's values of continuous improvement and innovation are ideally suited to address the significant needs of businesses in Kuwait and the GCC", said McCarron.

As an element of this event, Dow also held its own conference with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) prior to the Six Sigma conference, targeting KPC Executives. KPC is the parent company of Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), a partner of Dow's in Kuwait and a major shareholder in several of Dow's joint ventures. Dow's KPC conference and its participation in the Six Sigma conference helped to further elevate Dow's visibility with strategic stakeholders in Kuwait and also helped to re-affirm Dow's commitment to growth and operational excellence in Kuwait.

Dow Six Sigma offers the Kuwaiti community, continuous improvement, innovation and growth consulting and expertise; advanced business analytics; and world-class training programs that can accommodate people anytime, anywhere. The competitive services that Dow Six Sigma offers are able to maximize value and return for both Dow and its Kuwaiti partners.

"I believe in the Six Sigma strategy and after the excellent turnout and participation, I am confident that more companies in Kuwait will realise the value of implementing it. We are very pleased to have Mr. McCarron and Mr. den Breeker join us in Kuwait to share Dow's extensive Six Sigma expertise at the conference." said Jamel Attal, Dow's Managing Director in Kuwait.

"The Dow office in Kuwait is committed to growth and innovation and we work with our partners to share our best practices; it was important for us to contribute to this conference because the returns on the implementation of Six Sigma have been very significant," Attal added.