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IEC Telecom Group, along with their partners, Intellian, Thuraya and Yahclick will showcase their latest connectivity solutions at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC, 11-14 November)

nabil benNabil Ben Soussia is the vice-president maritime, IEC Telecom Group. (Image source: IEC Telecom Group)

Digitalisation in the oil and gas sector is a topic of great interest to the industry, with experts beginning to acknowledge the immense benefits it can bring. Energy companies are rapidly adopting digitalisation to stay sustainable and competitive by reducing their production and exploration costs. Oil and gas companies in the Middle East are also increasing their investments in digital transformation to scale up their output. According to BP Energy Outlook 2019, the Middle East remains the largest oil-producing region and the second-largest gas producer, with 36% of global oil and 20 per cent of gas output.

Nabil Ben Soussia, vice-president Maritime, IEC Telecom Group, commented, “Studies indicate that between now and 2025, digital transformation in the oil and gas industry could unlock approximately US$1.6tn of value for the industry, its customers and wider society. Digitalisation has the potential to generate around US$1tn for oil and gas businesses as well as create benefits worth approximately US$640bn for the wider society. The ability to facilitate improved crew communications, online access and seamless operational performance is driving demand for new solutions, accelerating a new era of connectivity.”

In this backdrop and to meet changing customer needs, IEC Telecom Group will display its latest solution OneGate Energy, designed as a land variation of its unique solution OneGate, presented earlier this year to maritime (OneGate Marine) and offshore (OneGate Offshore) markets. OneGate keeps remote units connected, providing high-quality data for daily operations and staff welfare. It provides access to a virtual platform that hosts a wide range of critical applications. This enables the technical team to maintain, update, and upgrade onsite infrastructure remotely, saving time and money on logistics. OneGate also separates the corporate environment from a staff network. Such segregation ensures that e-operations and classified data remain safe eliminating cyber threats.

In addition, the IEC Telecom stand will feature v85NX, the latest model in Intellian’s easy to install, low-lifecycle cost NX Series of VSAT antennas. Featuring Ka- and Ku-band compatibility, all NX Series antennas are completely future-proof and ready for operation on planned satellite networks operating from Middle Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO), while still providing unmatched performance on Geostationary Orbit satellites today.

At the expo, IEC Telecom also joins forces with its strategic partner Thuraya to showcase the bespoke Thuraya VSAT+ service. Combining the reach of the Ku-band with the flexibility of the L-Band, Thuraya VSAT+ delivers high throughput services for bandwidth-hungry applications, effectively speeding up the digitalisation of offshore platforms. It caters to all vessel types and offshore budget requirements.

Together with its strategic satellite broadband partner Yahclick, IEC Telecom will also demonstrate a robust IEC Welfare Solution, specifically designed to provide on-demand data access for team members and third-party contractors at onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, as well as at remote sites across other industries such as the construction one for instance. Powered by Yahclick satellite broadband, IEC Welfare offers uninterrupted and cost-effective connectivity thanks to YahClick’s use of the efficiencies provided by High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technologies over the Ka-Band.