ADIPEC 2023 - Exclusive interview with Rasso Bartenschlager, GM, Al Masaood’s Power Division

In an exclusive interview at ADIPEC with Oil Review Middle East, Rasso Bartenschlager, GM, Al Masaood’s Power Division, discussed business prospects in the Middle East, the company’s focus at ADIPEC, how it is helping clients to achieve their sustainability objectives and the importance of innovation.

Bartenshlager highlighted the commitment of governments to the energy transition in the Middle East and the “huge” opportunities arising, not only in energy but also in sectors such as transportation, eg. e-mobility and green shipping, and construction, eg. green cement.  

The company is involved in many different industrial sectors, where it is focusing on green solutions, and is “pushing to make sure we are involved in the boom in the market.”

The Power Division of Al Masaood Industrial Group is helping clients make their installations more efficient and sustainable, for example by applying hybrid solutions. “It's not a customer/supplier relationship any more, it’s all about collaboration,” he added.

Highlighting the importance of innovation, he stressed the focus on sustainable energy, integrating solar, batteries and microgrid solutions.

He mentioned in particular the Shams + in-house developed innovative charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid marine vessels.

Discussing the challenges of the energy transition, he noted customer expectations for things to happen very quickly, saying “The technology is there, it’s just a matter of applying the right solution to the right demand. That is what the customer is expecting.”