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Rasso Bartenschlager, general manager of Al Masaood Power Division outlines how rig refurbishment can play a critical role in the drive for sustainable operations

Rassos PortraitRasso Bartenschlager, general manager, Al Masaood Power Division. (Image source: Al Masaood)

The oil and gas industry is the backbone of the global energy supply, fuelling economies and driving progress. However, with the growing threat of climate change and the urgent need for sustainable practices, the industry is under immense pressure to transform. As a major player in the global oil and gas industry, the Middle East finds itself at the forefront of this transformation. The region boasts several countries that are major producers and exporters, with a staggering supply of 185 offshore rigs in the Middle East alone.

With skyrocketing demand and the need for alternative energy solutions, decarbonisation and electrification are fast becoming key objectives for oil and gas companies worldwide. The UAE is no exception. But how can oil and gas companies ensure a sustainable future whilst still delivering on the market demand for energy?

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and TAQA have launched a strategic partnership to explore electrification possibilities in the UAE's oil and gas sector. This partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies and optimize energy usage, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels in operations. The UAE is also calling for higher decarbonisation investments from GCC countries, in alignment with the global efforts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In this context, the refurbishment of oil rigs emerges as a crucial lifeline. Constantly subjected to the harsh and unforgiving environment, equipment deteriorates over time, demanding utmost attention. Regular maintenance, strategic upgrades, and meticulous repairs are not mere luxuries but absolute necessities. They hold the key to extending the life cycle of these rigs, enhancing environmental performance, and unlocking unparalleled operational efficiency. Rig refurbishment becomes the vital linchpin that can ensure the industry's resilience and longevity in an era defined by sustainability and optimal resource utilisation.

Rig refurbishment for enhanced efficiency 

Refurbishment not only benefits the economic aspect but also contributes to significant environmental improvements. The refurbishment process can involve installing newer, more environmentally friendly technologies that reduce emissions, optimise energy usage, and minimise the environmental impact of rig operations. This focus on electrical motors and alternators is crucial given their central role in rig operations.

The importance of rig refurbishment is further amplified by global initiatives such as the Conference of Parties 28 (COP28), where countries and corporations commit to reducing their carbon footprint. Electrification of rigs and the adoption of more sustainable technologies align with these goals.

Cost savings are another significant advantage of rig refurbishment. Whilst refurbishment requires an upfront investment, it leads to long-term cost savings. Regular maintenance and upgrades can prevent more extensive and costly repairs that might be needed if issues are left unaddressed. Additionally, an efficiently operating rig with modern equipment is likely to experience fewer unexpected shutdowns and disruptions, ensuring maximum productivity.

Given the fast-paced technological advancements in the industry, it is imperative for Middle Eastern oil and gas companies to stay up to date with the latest refurbishment techniques and innovative solutions. By leveraging modern technologies and best practices in rig refurbishment, the Middle East can position itself as a global leader in sustainable and efficient oil and gas operations.

Collaborative efforts for a sustainable future

In the pursuit of rig refurbishment and the adoption of sustainable practices, Al Masaood Power Division plays a vital role. As a representative of global brands such as Leroy-Somer, Al Masaood Power Division offers comprehensive services tailored to the specific needs of rig operators.

The consultation and expertise provided by Al Masaood Power’s team of engineers and technicians can assist rig operators in maintaining, optimizing performance, and exploring potential upgrades for their electrical systems. This support ensures that rigs operate at their highest efficiency, taking full advantage of the latest technological advancements.

Al Masaood Power Division’s field service team conducts thorough inspections and tests on electrical motors, alternators, and related components used on oil rigs. This evaluation includes checking for wear and tear, testing efficiency, and identifying any potential issues that might impact the equipment's performance. This proactive approach enables timely interventions, preventing downtime and optimizing overall operational performance.

Maintenance and repairs are an integral part of rig refurbishment, and Al Masaood Power Division’s workshop is equipped to carry out these tasks with expertise. From rewinding coils to replacing worn-out parts and cleaning components, the maintenance and repair services ensure the reliability and longevity of critical electrical components on rigs.

As technology advances, older electrical motors and alternators on rigs may become less efficient or outdated. In such cases, Al Masaood Power Division provides services to upgrade or retrofit these components with more energy-efficient models. This upgrade enhances the rig's overall operational efficiency, aligning with the industry's focus on sustainability.

In emergencies or breakdowns, Al Masaood Power Division’s field service team provides rapid response repair services to minimise downtime and production losses. This quick intervention enables rigs to resume operations promptly, avoiding prolonged interruptions.

To support rig operators in their maintenance activities, Al Masaood Power Division maintains a supply of spare parts for common electrical motor and alternator models used on rigs. This ensures the quick availability of replacements when needed, further reducing downtime and optimizing rig performance.

As the global oil and gas industry strives to embrace sustainability, rig refurbishment assumes a critical role in this transformative journey. The ability to enhance environmental performance whilst driving down costs and extending the life cycle of rigs makes rig refurbishment the ultimate strategic investment for operators.

For those in the Middle East, Al Masaood Power Division emerges as a trusted partner in this journey, thanks to its representation of global brands such as Leroy-Somer. With a comprehensive range of services that includes consultation, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and spare part supplies, Al Masaood Power Division facilitates the seamless refurbishment of rigs in line with current industry trends and objectives. The expertise and knowledge of Al Masaood Power Division can help ensure rig refurbishment becomes a defining hallmark of the region's energy industry.